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PORTS - Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students


PORTS has teamed-up with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to teach students about California’s marine protected areas (MPAs). MPA information is included in five units of study:

The Salmon Lifecycle
Elephant Seals
Kelp Forests
Tide Pool Ecology
Science of Habitat Restoration and Protection

In addition to live videoconferences, students can also dive into MPAs through this innovative PORTS curriculum: MPA Curriculum

Students will learn about individual MPAs, as well as the entire California MPA Network.

They will discover that California MPAs:

  • Are like underwater parks
  • Are one of the largest MPA networks in the world
  • Harbor incredible wildlife
  • Protect California’s marine environment for this and future generations

Contact us today to schedule an MPA PORTS program!

PORTS is a FREE distance learning program that uses the power of interactive videoconferencing to help K-12 schools teach common core state standards in the context of California State Parks.

If you want to learn about what PORTS is about, the technology, etc., check out an interview with Brad Krey, PORTS Program manager, and Alan Phillips, K-12 High Speed Network, at CUE 2016.

In 2015/2016 PORTS reached over 46,000 K-12 students in the state of California. The majority of programs reached students in schools federally classified as low-income. PORTS programs reached students outside of California in 20 different states as well as students in Taiwan. Read more about how PORTS is connecting students to California State Parks in our 2015-2016 Annual Report. Find out how teachers evaluate their PORTS experience in the PORTS Teacher Survey 2015-2016 Report.