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PORTS - Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students


Access to California State Parks for your students is just a CLICK away!

The Parks Online Resources for Teachers & Students program (PORTS), is a FREE distance learning program that uses the power of interactive videoconferencing to assist K-12 educators teach Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards in the context of California State Parks. Using platforms like Vidyo, ZOOM, Google Hangouts, and Skype we are able to connect and provide access to parks better than ever.

The primary focus of PORTS are students that have experienced geographic and social barriers to participate in state park programs. By reaching directly into classrooms, students are able to interact directly with park professionals and access their California State Parks in a way not always possible due to limited funding sources and rising transportation costs.

PORTS has continued to push forward in the areas of innovation and technology to meet educators where they are with technology in the classroom. Part of the result of this constant moving forward is attracting audiences from all over the world. PORTS through partnerships with platforms like Zoom and Skype in the Classroom, have allowed visitors from countries like Australia, India, and more to see and interact with California State Parks like never before.



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