Science of Habitat Protection and Restoration


General Description

Humans continue to explore our world, and sometimes we inadvertently cause damage to ecosystems. In this unit of study, students will learn about the important aspects of ecosystems, how invasive species and human impact can destroy them, and how California State Parks is working to reverse this damage. In the videoconferencing lesson students will explore the habitat restoration that took place at Crystal Cove State Park.

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Standard Subject Area: Science

Grade Levels: 6-8

Primary Common Core State Standards

6th -8th Grade: RST-6-8.1, RST-6-8.2, RST-6-8.3, RST-6-8.4, SL-6-8.1, SL-6-8.2, SL-6-8.6

Primary Next Generation Science Standards

6th Grade: MS-ESS3-3

7th Grade: MS-LS2-1, MS-LS2-2

8th Grade: MS-ESS3-4

Time Required

Lessons 1-2: 20-30 minutes

Lesson 3: 45-60 minutes

Lesson 4 Videoconference: 45-60 minutes


Through classroom lessons and participating in the videoconference, students will be able to
 demonstrate and describe the effects invasive species have on ecosystems.
 discuss human impacts on ecosystems and brainstorm ways to restore degraded habitats.
explore the various stages of habitat restoration that took place at Moro Canyon through the use of an interactive image on and compare it to other areas of habitat restoration.

Academic Contributors

Allison Martin
California Credentialed Teacher
Graduate Student, CSUS

Elizabeth Niehaus

Alexandra Race, M.S.