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Lesson Four: Reds Woods


  • Students will know that forests can be classified as a renewable resource.
  • Students will know some practices that support healthy, working forests.
Time Required
One class period

Materials Required
Red's Woods: Tough Choices worksheet (One per student) and study guide
Pre-collected news accounts of local land use discussions
Computer and Internet connection

1.  Prepare student materials for role play activity "Red's Woods" including role cards contained in Lesson4_Worksheet_RedsWoods Study Guide.
2.  Issue study guide page and role cards to teams of two to three students.
3.  Discuss factors presented in role playing scenarios such as;

What are taxes and where do they come from? (including businesses)
How do businesses provide money to the local economy? (jobs, taxes)
What is a city council ?
What is a hearing?
Economic realities of parks. They cost money to run.

4.  Allow students 10-15 minutes to prepare their presentations. If you want students to research their presentations you may schedule them for another day.
5.  Students present to "county commissioners," "hearing participants" and "reporters" for the future use of Red's Woods.
6.  Take a photo tour of a managed forest -- possibly Usal Redwood Forest (

Extension Activities
Locate information such as newspaper articles or Internet resources on local land use issues. Explore interactive Web resources at