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Take a trip back in time with your class when you visit La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.  Explore California’s most restored
mission while learning about the people who lived there including the mission padres, soldiers and the Chumash people.  Your tour guides will bring to life crafts, food and other historic features of the mission while you journey through the 30-45 minute tour.  This program is suited for fourth grade curriculum.

Programs are delivered on Tuesdays, and times are 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm or 2pm.  When requesting this program, please select a date that falls on a Tues, and please select one of the available times listed above.

If you are already a Microsoft Edu teacher, and prefer to book this program through Skype in the Classroom, please use this link:
About La Purisima Mission State Historic Park:
La Purisima Mission State Historic Park is located along the central coast of California near the city of Lompoc.  The historic mission buildings are surrounded by 1,875 acres of the park’s open space.  The mission contains three main structures: the main church and bell tower, the shops and quarters building and the residence building.  Along with the main structures there are several smaller structures dispersed throughout the mission grounds which include:  the infirmaries, the monjario or girls dormitory, the blacksmith shop, La Cocina or community kitchen and the pottery shop. 

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Save the Redwoods League and California State Parks have collaborated to develop a new PORTS study unit focusing on the impacts and challenges facing giant sequoia.

The new PORTS program, developed in honor of the League’s Centennial Year, will allow students around the world to familiarize themselves with the history and ecological dynamics of Calaveras Big Trees State Park, a nearly 6,500 acre preserve in the central Sierra that protects two spectacular groves of mighty old-growth giant sequoia.






Image of the Neptune TempleExplore the art and architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans through the art and artifacts of Hearst Castle.

 Hearst Castle Unit of Study

Additional program topics from Hearst Castle:

  • Renaissance Art and Architecture
  • History of California via the Hearst Ranch landscape
  • NEW this year - a pilot STEAM program examining the engineering challenges of building La Cuesta Encantada, the ”Enchanted Hill!” 

Hearst Castle PORTS Intro Video from Hearst Castle PORTS on Vimeo.



Kelp Forest imageStudents can explore the giant kelp forest at Point Lobos Natural Reserve and learn why Kelp Forest are important and how Marine Protected Areas are being used to help protect them.

A Unit of Study is coming soon. For now, you can check out the following units of study which are already discussing Marine Protected Areas.
Elephant Seals
Tidepool Ecology
Salmon Lifecycle
Science of Habitat Restoration and Protection

You will find all of the Marine Protected Areas online modules here.

 Kelp Forest Unit of Study

Check out our newest interactive addition to the Pt. Lobos story in 360 degrees! Experience a StorySphere by clicking HERE!


Badlands Explore Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to discover its stories of change, preservation, extinction and protection.

 Desert Stories Unit of Study


Elephant Seal Students are introduced to the evolutionary history and adaptations of the northern elephant seals at Año Nuevo State Reserve.

 Elephant Seals Unit of Study
 Marine Protected Area--Ano Nuevo SMCA Online Module


Gold Rush Learn about the California Gold Rush from Columbia State Historic Park.

 Gold Rush Unit of Study


Angel Island Imange Explore the topic of immigration through the stories and lives of those who came through the US Immigration Station at Angel Island State Park.

 Immigration Unit of Study


Monarch ButterflyExplore the mystery of Monarch butterfly lifecycle and Migration from Natural Bridges State Park.

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle and Migration Unit of Study


Humboldt Redwoods Find out about the unique redwood forest ecosystems of Humboldt Redwoods and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Parks.

 Redwood Ecology Unit of Study


Salmon Students are introduced to the life cycle of salmon and the importance of watersheds for their survival at Del Norte Redwoods State Park.

 Salmon Lifecycle
 Marine Protected Area--Pyramid Point SMCA Online Module
 Salmon - Science in Parks

Looking for more to do in your classroom with your Fish in the Classroom program? Try our "Fish2Fish" program, click on the video below to learn more!



Moro CanyonStudents discover how human impacts degrade some of California's native ecosystems and habitats while getting a first-hand look at the work California State Parks has done to restore the coastal sage scrub habitat at Crystal Cove State Park.

 Science of Habitat Protection and Restoration Unit of Study
 Marine Protected Area--Crystal Cove SMCA Online Module


Tide PoolExperience life at the ocean's edge and find out why life in the tide pools is no day at the beach.

 Tide pools Units of Study
 Marine Protected Area--Crystal Cove SMCA Online Module


Capital imageEngage students in researching information about their state representatives, the law-making process, and how they, as citizens, have a voice in government.
 State Government Units of Study


RaccoonExplore how mammals are different from other animals by learning unique features of mammals and comparing them to reptiles, insects and others.

 What is a Mammal? Unit of Study


Special RequestsCheck out what else we have to offer!
(K-12th grade)

 Other Programs